“The rainy darkness above”

there’s an eerie darkness coming over the sky could it be the rain pounding out the silence of the earth once again, please Lord let this earth breathe for a day or two, please let the waters not rise like they did in noahs day, please save us the horror of the rain today.

listen I hear thunder what a mournful sound, what a lonely sound of makes, darkness covering the earth once again making the sun disappear into the harsh fading clouds of rainy darkness.

the lightening comes without warning lighting up the sky like fire works on the fourth of July, when will this rain ever cease to exist in the sky’s above, when will we ever get a chance to see the sun Lord don’t make it rain anymore please.

you some how hear my cries of fear, and send a cool gentle soft mist to calm my aching mind, I thank you for that but still so very weary of the horror that is to come after the cool misty silence of the rainy darkness above.


Erica Maples